Future of Fusio Production

In this particular blog post, we're going to talk about the future of Fusio Production. Let's go.

The new name

Today we can introduce you to the new name Proud, which is short and easy to remember. In the coming days and weeks we will replace the new name with Fusio Production, and there will also be some graphical changes.


Roadmap and further information about our projects

5CP is still in development and will be released this fall. We can't set a release date at this time.

Custom Map Pack: Live Stage Expansion Part II will be released this August.

We can also announce the next video series with the project title Best. Currently in early production. We expect a release at the end of the year or early 2023.

Introducing: Inside Proud

Welcome to Inside Proud. A mini showcase format. This focuses on news, announcements and updates on our projects.

The first edition will take place on August 6th. With the first Look of the Custom Map Pack: Live Stage Expansion Part II.

Improvements for our site

We have made adjustments to our site.

– „NEW“ modifications page with all projects.
– „NEW“ video series also get their own page.
– „IMPROVED“ You can download the Custom Clothing Pack via Direct.

Introducing: Official Discord Server

Changes in leadership of Fusio Proudction

From now on, our TiM2760 accompanies the position of Chief Executive Officer.